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    Long time no blog! I've been pretty busy coding for the last few months.

    Just finished my Red Hat Summit keynote segment announcing our new project, Mugshot. Been working on this with Owen, Colin, and Bryan (all of GNOME fame) and a couple newcomers Marina Zhurakhinskaya and Mike Langlie.

    So much to talk about here I don't even know where to start... check out the project site.

    For desktop developers: we coded an initial Linux client for Mugshot that ties it in to the GNOME (or KDE) panel, Rhythmbox, and Firefox/Epiphany; but there are a lot more neat features we could add to the desktop using Mugshot. We have a library that adds additional protocol on top of XMPP using Loudmouth, so desktop add-ons could use that or could be added to the existing Mugshot client process. We posted a bunch of docs if you're interested in messing with it.