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    Some new openings at Red Hat for those who might be interested, Visual/Graphic Design, Software Engineer, Software Engineer. The software engineer descriptions have a lot of specifics but if you have even some of the specifics and are a damn good programmer we want to talk to you, don't get hung up on details. You don't have to have prior open source experience as long as you have other good experience. We are looking for people who can relocate to Massachusetts.

    Our coworker Marina will be at the MIT career fair (which I think is next week), so if you're interested in a job in our group you might try to find her there. There are internships and opportunities in other Red Hat groups to talk about at the fair as well. We would love to work with some more smart MIT grads.

    To apply for the jobs, submit your resume to the web site at the links above, but feel free to send me a copy by email too or email me any questions.

    BTW, I got swamped in at least 50 submissions for tripleverb, and haven't been able to justify spending half a day making screenshots and posting these. Instead I'm idly scheming to automate the site somehow, then I could plow through the 50 submissions knowing I wouldn't have to do it again ;-)